"The day they moved in was the best day. It felt like the start of something new. Something good. After everything that had gone so wrong with my life, they walked through that door and they brought… possibility. When you look back at your life with a person, sometimes you wonder, ‘would we be friends if we met now? Or did the path that we went on together lead us to this place? Did every triumph, mistake along the way make us fall in love?’ I think that everything happens for a reason. Love. Life. Even death. I hold onto this place for a reason. And that reason is now.” - Sally Malik

"Somewhere along the way, we grew up. And the idea of what was home changed. It wasn’t what our parents built for us. It was what we made for ourselves. Those small moments of ‘who buys the milk’, and ‘who gets the mail’. ‘Who makes you smile on a terrible day’. Where we were, that was home. That was family. A place where we could shut the door and keep the world at bay. I know now what a ghost truly is. A thick silence in a room that fills up the space of someone you love.” - Nora Sergeant

"When the end comes rushing up at you, and everything that you thought was real starts to fall away, you consider the meaning of the life that you lived. And you realize… that the only thing that means a damn thing at the end, is what you loved. And you think of who you love. And you let it take you home.” - Aidan Waite

"The day we moved in was the first day of my life. Before then, before them, I had no chance. I didn’t think I could feel human. Feel love. The little things. Coffee grounds, laundry day, sleeping late, living life. Thank you… for every small moment… of this world.” - Josh Levison




John Mulaney | The Salt & Pepper Diner


  • Friend: Look what my mom said to me.
  • Me: *Reads text* What does she mean be raincoats?
  • Friend: I don't even know. I thought we were talking about pills.
  • Me: Oh raincoats as in condoms as in catching rain as in oh.
  • Friend: What the hell mom. That doesn't even makes sense in the context of our conversation. I'm a grown woman, she can say condoms to me.